Webinar: Become a Process Ninja (Sep 20)

IBM will host a free Process Improvement virtual workshop on Wednesday September 20th!

We will be showcasing our Process/Decision Modeling & Analysis cloud platform, BlueworksLive.com, used by business teams at numerous companies in your industry to

  • collaboratively document business tasks, workflows & decisions,
  • easily share, analyze the data & drive improvement,
  • ultimately lead to enforced consistency & visibility in all internal & customer-facing operations.

The session will be a great opportunity for anyone new to the platform to try it hands-on, and everyone to hear about best practices gathered over the years from experience.
Audience: Process Owners, Process Experts, Business Analysts, BPM analysts and developers, Six Sigma/Lean Team Members, Compliance/Audit/Risk Analysts, Training/Content Managers and anyone interested in Process!
Date: Wednesday September 20 @ 9am-1pm PT / 10am-2pm MT / 11am-3pm CT / 12pm-4pm ET

: request an invitation & connection details at sales@blueworkslive.com (you can provide a list of emails for others to also be invited)
Agenda (approximate timing to join based on interest/need):          

1. Welcome & Introduction (15mn)     
2. IBM Blueworks Live Overview & Demo (30mn)
3. Hands-On Process Discovery (90mn)
4. Break (30mn)
5. Best Practices Overview (75mn)

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