Use RPA to complete a BPM activity within an end-to-end business process

Whether you are using RPA, BPM or both together, the business problem is essentially the same. There is always an end-to-end business process that comprises of a combination of system activities and human activities. The human activities can include repetitive tasks like extracting and moving data between systems i.e. swivel chair activities which are prone to human error, and activities that require more insight like management decisions, and approvals where automation is not desired….

Depending on your starting point, there are different approaches that you can take:

  • Allow your knowledge workers to focus on higher value activities by having RPA complete a BPM human activity by using the BPM task GUI
  • Accelerate process integrations development by using RPA to implement a BPM system activity as an alternative to using traditional systems APIs and integrate with systems and applications that do not have APIs
  • Orchestrate existing independent RPA activities within a larger BPM process flow

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