How To Make BPMS And RPA Work Together

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has been gaining traction in recent years. It has moved from being a mere buzzword to being a priority on organization’s to-do list.

Being a Business Process Management (BPM) practitioner, I am interested in exploring how a BPM software (BPMS) can work with an RPA tool. If you look at the leading BPMS vendors from different magic quadrants, you will see a trend developing. Pegasystems a BPMS vendor acquired an RPA tool last year. Appian, another BPMS/low-code vendor had RPA front and center at their annual conference.

In my opinion, RPA compliments BPMS very nicely, it can actually increase adoption of BPMS, and vice versa. In rest of this article, I am going to explore two different approaches that can be used to make a BPMS and an RPA tool work together in harmony.

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Nguyen-Anh Le

IBM Smarter Process Solutions Architect

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