Here are links to all the great sites in the Smarter Process community.

IBM Sites


Community Sites

These sites have been created by individuals in the Smarter Process community.  Any opinions expressed on these sites do not necessarily reflect the positions of IBM or other entities.

  • Using Smarter Process: This channel is maintained by the design and product staff of IBM’s Smarter Process products. The purpose of this channel is to provide short, tutorial videos on specific topics for using IBM’s SmarterProcess products.
  • IBM BPM Content Integration: Blog by  Dieter König, Senior Technical Staff Member at IBM and responsible architect for the Content Integration in IBM BPM and Sascha Schwarze, software engineer at IBM who lead Case Management and Content Integration development teams in the past years.
  • Neil Kolban (IBMer): Great stuff on BPM and ODM Decision Server Insights.  The BPM material is older and has not been updated for a while.  His YouTube channel has newer material.
  • Dan Thompson (IBMer): YouTube channel with video demos
  • Gary Joy.  Blog from a BPM consultant.
  • SOA, J2EE, WebSphere Developer Zone: By IBMer Owen Kline.
  • BPMinAction: YouTube channel with video demos.  Lots of good demos here, though it hasn’t been updated recently.
  • Magnus BPM Corner: YouTube channel with video demos


Business Partners

Companies that regularly work with IBM Smarter Process.

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