Here are links to a number of useful articles and videos about the IBM Smarter Process family.

BPM Articles by Category

  • Introduction: For newcomers to IBM BPM.
  • Product Features: Understanding BPM’s capabilities and various components.
  • Authoring: Creating business processes to run in IBM BPM.
  • Best Practices: What you should do, and what you shouldn’t do.
  • Project Methodology: How to manage your BPM projects/programs to deliver the best results.
  • User interface: Creating the web screens that drive your BPM business processes.
  • Integration: Integrating BPM with other IT systems.
  • Development: Development or customization topics.
  • Toolkits: Pre-built, reusable libraries of functionality that can speed up your BPM implementation.
  • Infrastructure: Working with the underlying components that run BPM
  • Administration: Operating a BPM environment, troubleshooting, migrating, etc.

Blueworks Live Articles by Category:

Operational Decision Manager Articles by Category:

  • Introduction: For newcomers to IBM ODM.
  • Authoring: Creating and managing rules, decisions, flows, etc. in ODM
  • Best Practices: What you should do, and what you shouldn’t do.
  • Architecture: Architectural considerations for your decision services and applications.
  • Administration: Operating an ODM environment, setting up the infrastructure, troubleshooting, migrating, etc.
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