BP Mania’s goal is to collect and share all the great information on the Internet about IBM Smarter Process.  We’ll focus on these products: Business Process Manager (BPM), Blueworks Live (BWL), and Operational Decision Manager (ODM), plus a few related topics such as Cognitive Computing.  You’ll find information provided by IBM as well as other parties in the Smarter Process ecosystem (customers, consultants and business partners, analysts, news media).  We hope that you get more familiarized with the capabilities of the software and ultimately deliver successful solutions.  Enjoy the mania of Smarter Process! 🙂

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  • nle-profile-largeNguyen-Anh Le is an IBM Smarter Process Solutions Architect, based in Chicago.  His role is to help customers realize business solutions with IBM software.  He has been an IBMer for over 20 years.



  • Steve Munsat is an IBM Solution Architect and expert in Decision Management and Process Transformation technology. With over 20 years of experience, Steve has helped clients in a variety of industries transform their business operations.
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