What does artificial intelligence mean for your business processes?

Welcome to the era of cognitive computing. It’s an era of artificial intelligence—systems that gather information, analyze, recommend, plan and more importantly, learn . In short, they help you make better decisions. Today’s data volumes are enormous and rich in variety —and now deep learning systems can ingest, analyze and reason across that data in all its forms. These cognitive systems are a huge leap forward leading to a “rethink” of the way people live, engage, and work.

How has this technology impacted Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services?

Traditional BPO, with its focus on operational efficiency and cost savings has not matched the compelling experiences that digital-savvy enterprises—using mobile, social, cloud and analytics—create for their customers. The emergence of intelligent automation has sounded the death knell for traditional BPO services. For the next generation of business process services to keep pace, they’ll need to develop an entirely new set of capabilities, such as:

  • The ability to co-create – advise, design, implement and operate collaboratively with clients to achieve end-to-end outcomes
  • A design thinking-led approach that reimagines traditional work flows using robotics, analytics and AI
  • A pre-built set of reusable assets and solutions exposed via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) on the cloud for seamless integration and rapid personalization

This will be a journey enabled by digital transformation, powered by analytics and augmented with AI that can disrupt, delight and create possibilities.

How can AI transform the way BPO services are delivered?

For starters:

  • Robotic process automation (RPA) lays the foundation for intelligent automation to enable autonomous decision making, deliver new insights through data discovery and provide contextualized support
  • Business processes become smarter and more accurate by extracting real-time information from work flows, context and environment at scale
  • Re-designed, frictionless user experiences delight customers by forging deeper human engagement through personalization
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