The Power & Speed of Workflow, RPA & Integration

This is a case study that shows the power of Low-code Workflow, RPA, and Integration for a large healthcare insurance company.  It’s great to see a case study that enables an organization to enter a market swiftly for a reasonable cost.

The Challenge:

When a large, American health insurance company wanted to service a new marketplace that became available after the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was enacted, it found itself tangled in a web of manual, cumbersome internal processes that needed to be digitized, automated and integrated. The company, which wanted to grow this market in less than three months’ time, desperately needed help selling and provisioning insurance since its multi-step customer onboarding process involved several systems, including older, mainframe technology. Penetrating the targeted market effectively was simply beyond reach without a digital overhaul. What this organization needed was to tackle this multi-pronged project: someone to provide improved customer experience and coordinate a long list of processes across disparate technologies. And fast – before missing out on open enrollment for 2019, which started Nov. 1, 2018.

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