IBM decision optimization products

Solve planning and scheduling problems, using powerful optimization modeling capabilities to make better business decisions

The retail industry is leveraging advanced analytics techniques like decision optimization and machine learning to drive operational efficiencies and better business outcomes across use cases like inventory optimization, price optimization, supply chain design

Why IBM decision optimization?

The IBM decision optimization family of optimization software products delivers prescriptive analytics capabilities to enable organizations to make better decisions and more fully achieve their business goals.

The IBM decision optimization product family includes offerings like IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimization Studio that provide powerful modeling tools to build optimization models, either using general programming language APIs or Optimization Programming Language (OPL). Solve the breadth of optimization models using optimization solvers.

IBM decision optimization is an integral part of IBM Watson Studio, so users can benefit from all data-science features of IBM Watson Studio, like access to machine-learning models, the ability to pass output from predictive analytics to the IBM decision optimization engine, access to open notebook features, visualization features and data connectivity options from IBM Watson Studio.

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