Automate More Through Seamless Human-Robot Collaboration

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has enabled you to automate many repetitive and mundane tasks, delivering positive results in terms of productivity, employee satisfaction, and overall efficiency.

As you scale your RPA initiatives, moving beyond the simple and automating complex and long running processes can deliver even large productivity gains and help with your digital transformation.

One key challenge you face in automating more complex processes is that it invariably requires exception, escalation, and approval handling by business users. RPA platforms need to allow for humans to step into the process and make the required decisions while robots continue their work. This has been a missing piece of the RPA scale puzzle.

We have focused on addressing this challenge and are excited to launch the all new UiPath Apps. With UiPath Apps, you can now automate your end-to-end business processes through seamless human-robot collaboration from a single platform. Taking into consideration the different kind of business users, UiPath Apps offers a diverse set of capabilities to enhance human-robot engagement.

Seamless robot-human handoff

Starting with the Tasks inbox, business users can easily handle exceptions, escalations, validations, and approvals to take automations to the next level. Unattended robots automatically create tasks when human intervention is required and move on to the next job so robots are always busy. Once the required help from the human is complete, the robots are notified and can resume the automation. With Tasks, users get:

  • A centralized inbox accessible through a web-based portal
  • Simple and intuitive User Access management and Task assignment
  • Containerization of tasks through folders to help delegate tasks to the respective user
  • The ability to take actions anytime from anywhere via UiPath Orchestrator Mobile App
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