How to prepare your enterprise for the arrival of artificial intelligence

Is your enterprise machine ready? If it isn’t, you need to act. Make no mistake, artificial intelligence (AI) technologies – such as machine learning (ML) and robotic processing automation (RPA) – are coming and coming fast. In this article and the two that follow, I will provide some thoughts about the impacts these new technologies will have on business and offer some suggestions to help your enterprise embrace the transition to a more automated future.

The transition away from the manual processes of the 1950s to digital ones is well underway and in the near future we will enter the age of intelligent and autonomous processing. Automated machine technologies are being incorporated into mainstream software at an ever-increasing rate and they will have significant business and societal impacts.

The co-dependence that exists between society and technology serves to intensify consumer demand for improved product and service experiences. Continuous improvement, convenience, ‘channel of choice’, anytime anywhere communication are not just buzzwords, they are mandatory for all participants in B2C and B2B economies.

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