Top 5 RPA Questions (and Answers) From a 6-Month Road Trip Visiting Customers

Over the last six months, I have hopped onto many, many planes, conference calls, maneuvered through different time zones, and sipped lots of coffee to meet with more than 40 UiPath customers and UiPath partners.

My role is to evangelize Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Finance & Accounting (F&A) and Supply Chain Management(SCM). The RPA maturity range of the customers I spoke with varied from “we’re just trying to understand RPA” to “we have automated 100,000 hours in our first year.”

I read that there are approximately 300 articles on RPA, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) published daily. The number seems conservative but the underlying message here is that organizations’ exposure to those topics is increasing. Business leaders are reading and increasingly looking to RPA as the tool to accelerate their company’s digital transformation. So, what exactly are they saying? That’s what I wanted to understand, hence a 6-month long road trip.

I present the top five questions I heard from customers:

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