Red Hat Process Automation


Businesses are looking for new ways to engage with their customers, partners, and suppliers, and respond to changing market needs. Business applications that automate operations and interact with internal and external enterprise systems are at the forefront of this effort, and new approaches to application development and integration have become critical to business success. One such approach recognizes that much of a business’s expertise regarding market and operational needs can be found outside of the IT software development organization. Accordingly, many businesses are looking to more directly involve business users in the creation of new applications. Inclusion of business users in the application development process presents challenges, however, and new tools are required that equally support business and IT.

Red Hat® Process Automation addresses this need through an integrated set of products that include:

  • Developer tools and runtimes.
  • Business-focused tools for process and decision management.
  • Automated DevOps pipelines.

Together, these technologies enable business and IT teams to collaborate and develop applications that automate operations that can be easily adapted as market needs change.

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