The Ultimate RPA Glossary: Robotic Process Automation Definitions to Know

As automation and cognitive technology expand beyond the manufacturing world and into the office space of knowledge workers, the terminology that company leaders must know increases.

Even though the RPA industry uses many terms that are used in more traditional, physical robotics applications—think robots that help assemble cars and manufacture other physical goods—the words often don’t mean the same thing when transferred to the office setting. 

This comprehensive guide—and the resources linked within it—will help you go from RPA beginner to understanding the value vendors offer your company as you navigate your path to RPA success.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Glossary

Artificial Intelligence (AI): technology intended to respond to and learn from stimulation in a similar way to human responses with a level of understanding and judgement that’s normally only found in human expertise. 

Attended RPA: attended RPA includes scenarios where decision making and/or user input is required, such as desktop automation. These software robots work at an employee’s workstation and are triggered by two situations: a user’s command and instances were Robots need input from the user to continue a task. Access is often limited to the employees within a specific department or workstation. 

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