Process in 2019

Processes have traditionally been the glue that coordinates and orchestrates tasks and resources together in a visible and accountable fashion. This theme will continue, but in new ways and approaches based on the popular drivers of 2019. I have identified three major themes for process in 2019 and they are as follows:

Customer Experience will be the major driver of process behavior, so we will see a convergence of customer mapping, human computer interface and visible explainable intelligence working in concert to serve customers, employees and partners in an ever improving fashion. There will be an emergence of emotion detection analysis and appropriate tone driven actions guided by intelligent assistants in 2019. There will be an emphasis on customer journey mapping in several ways. One is to create journey maps from actual customer behavior. This is great for incremental improvement and optimization for both the customer and organizational perspectives. The other is to create a target map for new and innovative journeys that may lead to new business models and better customer outcomes.

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