Modeling decisions with the new version of Decision Compose

IBM Decision Composer

An intuitive decision automation tool that helps you discover and learn the basics of business rules and IBM Operational Decision Manager. Decision Composer is an environment without code, where business users can model, create, validate and share business rules.

The next version of IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) has just been announced. It will bring the power of decision modeling into the realm of business experts.

To give you the opportunity to try and learn the benefits of decision modeling now, IBM Decision Composer has just been upgraded. Decision Composer is a streamlined version of ODM. It is available on the cloud with your IBMid. And it’s free.

This version introduces many new capabilities. But foremost, it has been redesigned to enable decision automation practitioners to get started more easily and quickly on authoring executable decisions.

The main highlights of this upgrade are:

  • An enhanced user interface and online resources to get started quickly.
  • modeling guide to learn the fundamentals of decision modeling.
  • Industry-specific samples illustrating decision models through different use cases.
  • New options to simplify the description of the business data needed in your decisions.
  • New rule interactions to control how the constituents of the business logic interact.
  • New business rules language constructs to author more friendly rules.
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