Testing Your RPA Project

In traditional software development frameworks, there are a number of structures that have been developed to help you test your code and ensure that it is behaving the way it should. Unit testing and testing environments along with integration testing make for robust workflows that can ensure that the product works. Because RPA is one of the new kids on the block and because of its inherent limitations, testing suites just aren’t as accessible as we’d like. But we must push onward, as good little developers, to do the best we can.

Why is it hard to test in RPA?

Part of what makes RPA difficult to test is the fact that the currently available software solutions tend to be proprietary, and for the most part they’re not built with testing at their core. This may be due to the fact that RPA hasn’t been as widely adopted as other programming solutions or for other reasons, but either way it means defining the testing structure ourselves. On top of this, RPA by its very nature limits what we can and cannot test. Because RPA is all about automating other software products, mocking results or testing against a test database is often not an option.

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