RPA & BPM are Technologies that compete each other or are complementary?

RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is a new platform for process automation that replaces BPM (Business Process Management)?

In the last months much has been spoken if these two platforms are opposite or compete with each other, and we have found phrases or questions like the following ones: What is the real difference between RPA and BPM? RPA and BPM are platforms that have the same objective? Which of the two platforms is the best option for the automation of my processes? Is the RPA the future of BPM? If I have RPA do I still need BPM?

What I can say is that they are two platforms that complement each other and achieve the automation of processes from start to finish, which would not happen independently or if you could do it, you would stop trying. How is this?

For a better understanding of the value that these two technologies generate when using them in a complementary way, I exemplify it mainly in these two approaches:

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