Using bots to assist the knowledge worker in collecting data from multiple systems

The benefits of using IBM BPM and IBM RPA with Automation Anywhere together are increased efficiency and higher accuracy, which effectively lead to lower costs.

This code sample demonstrates the following workflow:

  1. The knowledge worker launches a process in IBM BPM Process Portal to start a new auto insurance claim.
  2. The knowledge worker enters the phone number of the insurer and the details of the claim.
  3. The knowledge worker clicks the Collect info button.
  4. IBM BPM sends the task bot a request (via the API) to collect the required data.
  5. The task bot looks up the insurer and get the insurer’s details from a Java application on the desktop.
  6. The task bot opens a website to lookup the details of the car based off the claimed and insured Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  7. The task bot populates the fields on the insurance claim coach.
  8. The knowledge worker then decides whether to approve or reject the claim based on the collected data.

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