Blueworks Live March 2018 release is now available

Welcome to the March 2018 release of IBM Blueworks Live!

This release of Blueworks Live improves the productivity & flexibility of diagram editing, provides more flexible printing options, enables further customization of process properties and enhances Space reporting.

  • Editors can now select multiple diagram elements to move, copy, delete and color. The selected elements can also be converted to a subprocess
  • Editors can define custom activity numbering for their process diagrams and Viewers can turn on activity numbering in the diagrams they view
  • Editors can reposition line labels in their diagrams
  • All users can configure their Activity Details panel to hide/display and reorder properties
  • 10 additional custom Text properties are available for extending the repository
  • Process diagrams can be printed with page breaks on milestone boundaries, with linked processes included, with all subprocesses expanded, and with a single page diagram overview
  • There is a new, improved format for the excel Space export which allows subspaces to be exported to a single file.

In other news:

  • Blueworks Live Support is moving to a new Customer Support portal. More details are available here:!posts:4c099310
  • is now being redirected to the IBM Blueworks Live Marketplace page. If you get redirected, just look for the “Sign In” links on that page. We recommend that you bookmark – so that you can go directly to the Blueworks Live login page without getting redirected.  

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