IBM BPM: Simple Database Health Dashboard JSP

From time to time as a Business Process Manager (BPM) system administrator you need to purge information from the system. This primarily includes instance, task and snapshot data. This topic is covered in the administering the BPM databases and Chapter 4 of the IBM Redbooks publication “IBM Business Process Manager Operations Guide.” We in Support created a simple JSP to deliver quick summaries to the system administrator in the process admin console. This file placed on the server file system will generate a simple report showing the various counts of tables and groupings of items. The JSP page is easily configured for other tables and threshold counts that you may need in your organization. The initial indicators for this are based on historical problem records (PMRs) and where clients often experience problems with certain row counts or percentages. This JSP is free to use and extend as needed. You can also submit feedback for us to include in later releases.

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