IBM BPM: Using dynamic previews with the Web Process Designer

When authoring a new low-level Coach View in IBM BPM, we have the ability to have the Coach View respond to designer property changes made within Web Process Designer at development time as well as run-time. What this means in practical terms is that if the customer Coach View developer spends a little more time on the development of that coach view, when the Coach designer builds coaches that include that coach view, the pay-off will be that the designer will be rewarded with a higher fidelity representation of what it will look like at run-time. This is getting closer to a “What You See Is What You Get” development experience in the browser based process designer. However, this value doesn’t come from nothing and the author of the new Coach View has to invest time to make it dynamic at development time. This video illustrates some of the fundamentals of how to achieve that and thus provides a primer for those who might need to utilize this feature.

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