IBM Blueworks Live March 2017 Release

Welcome to the March 2017 release of IBM Blueworks Live!  In this release of Blueworks Live we have expanded Viewer access, simplified user administration and enhanced our reporting capabilities…..

Viewers can now access policies and decisions, and the Viewer navigation experience has been improved.

Users can now enter their business unit in “My User Settings”. The glossary manager can predefine preferred business unit values in the glossary, if they like, and Admins can view users by business unit. Admins logged in using SSO can copy Spaces across accounts now. And the ManageGroup API has been enhanced to return additional information needed for automation of user management tasks.

Additional information is available for reporting purposes now, including the created-date, created-by-user, last-modified-date and last-modified-user. These fields are now included in the MS Word, MS Excel and MS Powerpoint exports and are returned by the relevant APIs. The Excel Export API has been enhanced to provide more control over the space information returned. There is also a new API for reporting on spaces, space details & space contents. And the decision diagram is included in the Word export of decisions.

View the full article (BWL login required)


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