Modeling teams with IBM Process Designer

A team is a new construct in IBM Business Process Manager V8.5 (IBM BPM) for defining sets of users who are authorized to perform actions on processes and tasks. For example, a team is used to define the users that can initiate or terminate processes, work on tasks, complete tasks, or administer processes and tasks.

Teams extend and replace participant groups, which were available in previous releases of IBM BPM (participant groups are deprecated in V8.5). Teams are defined in IBM Process Designer and can be packaged as part of process applications or toolkits. IBM BPM provides end-to-end support for teams from modeling teams, to runtime support with APIs and Process Admin console support, through to support for business users in the IBM BPM business user client, Process Portal.

This is part 1 of a 3-part article on Teams in IBM BPM

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